Work & Live in Mauritius

Pleasant tropical climate with a dynamic economy makes Mauritius a reasonable destination. And the government initiated several programs to attract foreign investors. It also becomes possible to work, live & retire in the country through several avenues.

There are 3 particular permits available for non-citizens to reside in Mauritius. You’re to choose from either of the –

  • Occupation Permit (OP)
  • Residence Permit (RP)
  • Permanent Residence Permit

Occupation Permit

It’s the combined permit to work & live in Mauritius. The permit grants a renewable 3 years of license. And the permit itself comes in 3 distinctive categories –

  • Investor
  • Self-Employed
  • Professional

Residence Permit (Retired Non-Citizen)

It grants a license of renewable 3 years of stay for any 50+ aged non-citizens. But the permit requires $40,000 transfer to local bank accounts annually.

Permanent Residence Permit

The permits allow the user to get licensed for 10 years. There are several means to get approval. But all the available ways fall under two specified categories.

  • Holding Occupation Permit/Residence Permit

Investor, professional or self-employed workers are eligible for the permit, meeting the requirements of minimal earning.

  • Investment in Qualifying Activities

A minimum amount of investment in certain industries, termed as qualifying activities can help to get the 10-year period permit.

Residence Permit (Acquisition of Property)

Established Property Development Scheme (PDS) allows the purchase of local residential properties. The investment/price has to remain within a certain limit to become eligible for the permit.

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