Tax Planning Using Mauritius

Whether it’s local or global – operating markets stay difficult with lots of tax rules. And it keeps getting difficult with a continuous increase in regulation complexity. Of course, you’re to maintain a balance between the local & global taxation rules.

It’s the same with the Mauritian economy. Lots of complexity requires specialized assistance in resolving the issues. You’re to make a solid, viable, legal tax plan ahead of fulfilling all the regulations. Concerning the Mauritian taxation, you’re to understand the utilization of its rules. Not to mention, you can take 3 particular sectors in the tax planning department.

  • Corporate Tax Planning

Tax is undeniably one integral part of running a business in Mauritius. It’s essential to appoint a qualified, strategic tax advisor to handle corporate taxation. Proper tackling of the issues can withhold the economic growth for the business.

Included services are –

  • Corporate/SME tax planning.
  • Employment taxation service.
  • Business tax compliance.
  • Investigation & transactions.
  • Non-profit/tax exempt foundations.
  • Plans on succession & exit.
  • International Tax Planning

Cross-border transactions come with inevitable complexity to represent certain financial challenges. Internationally active business has to cope with the grave compliance of taxation. Up-to-date rules on ever-changing tax regulations require consistent attention.

Included services are –

  • Cross-border cash planning.
  • Outbound/inbound investment structuring.
  • Indirect taxation, currency issues.
  • Trades, customs & transfer pricing.
  • Expatriate workforce solutions.
  • Personal Tax Planning

Substantial acquisition of prosperity requires tax planning on individual/personal/family level. The heavily complex requirements immediately call for expert advice. Careful decisions are compulsory to minimize the possible impact on personal/individual/family wealth.

Included services are –

  • Self-assessment tax returning.
  • Inheritance tax, income tax.
  • Foreign tax implications.
  • Succession/transition planning.
  • Estate and gift tax planning.
  • Valuation services.
  • Design key systems.
  • Private/philanthropy foundation.
  • Charitable giving.
  • Family service management.
  • Wills & trust planning. has friendly experts in all sectors to give you insightful advice on tax planning. You better consult the advisors ahead of making maximum benefits out of the business. The professionals are ready to help with the minimization of economic impact.

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