Structuring & Succession Planning

Starting a business doesn’t seem any difficult task. It remains true unless you take all the possibilities & opportunities into account. Proper structuring of business can provide satisfactory profits against the investment.

And you’ll require some succession planning to hold the business on the ground. Mauritius allows the investors to choose, found & plan the structured business. You’ll require some additional details to attend a success.

Choosing the Right Structure

Company entity itself remains the most important player in running the business. You’re to determine the suitability of any convenient structure.

There are several options to check out. Different Mauritian Acts control the overall regulations of structuring options. It primarily includes –

  • Domestic Company
  • Company Holding Global Business License (Category 1 GBC)
  • Company Holding Global Business License (Category 2 GBC)

It’s essential to consider the following factors into account to judge the structuring possibility. Considering the criteria will lead you to the most profitable option.

  • Profit Margin

Low-profit margin on 1st year has to skip 3% (GBC1) or 0% (GBC2) taxable structure. Against the favorable tax rate, the structure is likely to require heavy maintenance.

  • Shareholder Visibility

Anonymity shareholder gets to focus on controversial secrecy regarding the activity. But the visibility comes with its importance to draw the attention of public interest.

  • Sole Proprietorship

No need to set up any company ahead of targeting self-employment status. You need to settle down with the objectives following the approval of the Occupation Permit (OP).

  • Local Domestic Company (LDC)

Founding one local domestic company is indeed a fantastic option to start over. There are several options available for investors – Trusts, GBC1, GBC2 & legally-established others.

  • Business Objective

The country offers wide coverage of bilingual workforce with superior expertise. You better rule out opening GBC1/GBC2 company, attending less focus on taxation.

Succession Planning

Complexity seems to arrive before your business. You’re to conquer all the challenges through appropriate planning. And that’s where succession planning gets its importance. From an economic perspective, you’re to take the practical circumstance with theoretical possibility into consideration.

Succession planning has to include the following services to serve the client’s interest –

  1. Providing aspirations on tragic occurrences.
  2. Inducing family dynamics on assets/transfer.
  3. Successful business transfer to employee/heir/buyer.
  4. Business positioning to attend certain profits.
  5. Upholding the business towards economic growth.
  6. Founding & securing business legacy in community.
  7. Retaining sufficient assets ahead of retirement. Service Offers

The team of experienced professionals offers detailed services to ensures optimum success. You’re to receive the flowing services from the experts –

  • Transfer strategy
  • Business valuation
  • Detailed planning
  • Risk management
  • Insurance policy
  • Advisory banking
  • Sell-side diligence
  • Trust services
  • Full administration

Of course, you should dig deeper into to explore the offerings as per your demands.

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