Setting Up a Mauritius Trust

Whether it’s relocation, business investment, or professional work – Mauritius offers all. As it happens, you always need to secure the assets. Creating a trust seems a highly beneficial & rewarding option.

The requirements tend to vary as per client perspectives. It’s one decision to keep yourself adopted top the system rather quickly. Not to mention, you can set a trust as a pre-immigration step ahead of moving to Mauritius.

Mauritius Trust Offerings

There are a good number of services you’re to receive from a created trust. Essential offers mostly include –

  • Asset protection, property/investment holding.
  • Tax exempted projects like charitable organizations.
  • Investment funding for estate/succession planning.
  • Absolute confidentiality of clientele deliberations.
  • Protection against any forced/imposed regulations.

It’s essential to assure the presence of 3 certainties ahead of creating trust. The certainties include – intention, subject matter & beneficiaries.

You’re to get 4 basic types of trust in Mauritius.

  1. Purpose – It specifically focuses on certain goals or objectives, not the beneficiaries.
  2. Charitable – As the name suggests, it keeps focusing on charitable organization aid.
  3. Corporate – It’s all about corporate benefits, pension, taxes, employee management.
  4. Private – Life interest gets attention, in terms of discretionary & accumulating assets.

How to Create Mauritius Trust

Mauritius implemented Trust Act 2001 to govern the trust creating, approving & regulating platform. You’re to write a document stating the object & intention to establish a supporting trust. It also has to include trustee responsibilities & powers to apply. Representative authority will validate the documented request towards final approval.

There are 2 different formats to set up a trust to stay in Mauritius.

  • Settlement: The agreement comes with very clear, specified & strict conditions between interested parties. Both the trustee & the investor have to sign the contract. It requires the statement of trust intention in particular.
  • Declaration: It’s more like a trustee document, containing evidence records. All the terms of ownership remain secure including the targeted assets or property. Trustee himself/herself signs the document for utilization.

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