Permanent Residence permit

Mauritius ranks among the most progressive economic players in Africa – making it a hotbed of economic opportunities. There are ample employment prospects and investment opportunities to pursue on the island, across a variety of industries. However, before you can get on with business, you may need to apply for an occupation permit or investor visa.

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Moving to mauritius

Moving To Mauritius…

Depending on which country you come from, you may need to apply for a work or business visa that allows you to spend up to 120 days in the country per the calendar year. However, if you need to relocate entirely, you’ll need to apply for one permit or more, depending on your circumstances. This may include a Work Permit, an Occupation Permit and a Residential Permit. Dependants under 24 years old can also apply for Residential Permits.

The Visa Policy In Mauritius

Visa policy varies depending on where in the world applicants come from and what they intend to do in the country. The type of work and planned duration of the stay also plays a role. Mauritian authorities issue visas according to a comprehensive list, which categorises visitors as coming from countries that a.) don’t require a visa to enter, b.) can be granted one on arrival, and c.) are required to apply for a visa from a Mauritian Embassy before undertaking a trip.

Retired Non-Citizens

Non-citizen pensioners who have lived in Mauritius under a Residential Permit for at least three years are eligible for a Permanent Residence Permit. They must also be able to prove financial transfers amounting to a minimum of USD 40 000 into a Mauritian bank account every year.