Relocation to Mauritius

Luxurious beach with cobalt-blue water makes Mauritius a paradise on Earth. Supporting economy, modern infrastructure, aggregable govt policy, healthy climate – everything comes along. And it makes the country an increasingly popular destination for tourists, investors, expats. A good number of people are moving to Mauritius on either a permanent or temporary basis.

But international relocation isn’t as easy as it may sound or seem. You’re to require help in different aspects. And we have a team of supportive experts to help you with the situation. The comprehensive guide is ready to take care of your plan ahead of relocation to Mauritius.

How Can You Get Help from

We’re here to relieve your tiresome relocation stress. Our experienced team is ready to address your move with considerable assistance. We can offer you –

  • Essential Pre-Arrival Support
  • Proper Orientation Service
  • Searching Temporary Accommodation
  • Schooling Support for Education
  • Network Regulations & Opportunities

Facts to Know About Mauritius

  • Land Area: 2040 km 2
  • Time Zone: UTC+4
  • Capital: Port Luis
  • Population: 1.3 Million
  • Currency: Mauritian Rupee (MUR)
  • Language: French & English
  • Dialing Code: +230
  • Police Number: 999
  • Climate: Warm
  • Summer: November – April (32°C)
  • Winter: May – October (20°C – 26°C)
  • Rainfall: 12mm (East), 70mm (West)
  • Humidity: Around 80%

Visa Regulations

For most of the countries, no entry visa is necessary. If you’re planning relocation towards staying over 90 days, you’re to apply for a Temporary Residence Permit. Work Permit becomes essential to living & work in Mauritius. After working for 3 years in a row, you can go for a Permanent Residence Permit to stay there for 10 more years.

Property Options for Living

Taking the whole picture into account, you can consider 3 distinctive house space types. There are – Villas, Houses & Apartments.

The price varies depending on location, floor space & available facilities. You can expect a monthly rental feel of €270 – €600 for a single-room facility.

Approximate Cost of Living

The country depends on imported products to suit daily needs & lifestyle. It makes the cost somewhat higher than any other country close to the African Coast. No regulations to pay VAT for
tourists or non-residents. Also, you can skip the Income Tax spending less than 183 days on the island.

Job Sectors of Mauritius

Attractive payment with a thriving job market makes Mauritius one reliable destination for expats. There are convenient opportunities to utilize your professional skills. Tourism, Bank, Service Industry, IT – the major sources of national income.

Driving Regulation

It’s better to have an International Driving Permit (IDP) to hit foreign roads. You can drive for about 4 weeks without any trouble. Just make sure the license is more or less one year old before car rental.

Healthcare System

Whether it’s public or private – Mauritius offers top-quality healthcare. The cost is completely free for the citizens as well as permanent residents. For others, it’s important to assure proper healthcare to avoid the high coast for immigrants.

If you’re to settle down in Mauritius, can be of satisfactory service. The team comes ready to ease the overall stay from every serviceable aspect. Feel free to contact us to take care of your overall relocation requirements.

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