Applying For Permanent Residence & Buying Property In Mauritius

The process of acquiring a Permanent Residence Permit in Mauritius isn’t easy to pull off without professional assistance. There is a lot of administrative and legal obligations you must meet, and having policy know-how is a definite benefit. Understandably, this is something non-Mauritian citizens may struggle to navigate. Move To Mauritius is dedicated to slicing through the red tape surrounding permanent residency so that you can live work and purchase property in Mauritius. From the application process to the nitty-gritty of relocating, we offer a comprehensive service that doesn’t stop until our clients find their feet on the island sand.

What A Permanent Residence Permit In Mauritius Entails

The requirements for being granted a Permanent Residence Permit vary, depending on the nature of an individual’s occupation or other economic participation in the country. There are four main categories of candidates, each with requirements to meet. These are:

Retired Non-Citizens

Non-citizen pensioners who have lived in Mauritius under a Residential Permit for at least three years are eligible for a Permanent Residence Permit. They must also be able to prove financial transfers amounting to a minimum of USD 40 000 into a Mauritian bank account every year.

Foreign Investors

To be eligible for a Permanent Residence Permit, foreign investors must have had an Occupation Permit for at least three years before applying and be a majority shareholder in Mauritius-based company with a revenue of at least Rs 15 million. If not, the alternative is to have invested a minimum of USD 500 000 in an economic sector as listed by the government.

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Foreign Professionals

A foreign professional becomes eligible for a Permanent Residence Permit once they’ve had an Occupation Permit for at least three years, in which they must have earned a salary of at least Rs 150,000.

Self-Employed Non-Citizens

Self-employed non-citizens become eligible for a Permanent Residence Permit once they’ve had an Occupation Permit for at least three years and have made revenue exceeding Rs 3 million in that time.

Buying Property In Mauritius As A Foreigner

The burgeoning real estate market on the island is a prominent motivator for foreign investors coming in. Real estate purchases for foreign nationals come with requirements, which vary based on whether the owner intends to live on the property or not. Buying property that is worth over USD 500 000 makes investors eligible for a residence permit.
If you meet the requirements above or would like to get started with ticking the boxes, you’re in the right place. Contact a Move To Mauritius consultant today.

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