Owning Mauritian Property As A Foreigner

Mauritius has many business, tax and lifestyle incentives conducive to families, investors and individuals. Many wish to sample a new way of life by working, living and investing in this stable economy. The Government has approved several schemes so that foreigners can buy their own property in Mauritius. Therefore, owning your slice of heaven in Mauritius is a possibility.

Heavenly Mauritius, Heavenly Property Schemes

The ability to buy a property in Mauritius as a family home, an investment, or a secondary residence is highly sought after. Non-citizens and companies can purchase commercial and residential properties on the island through a variety of schemes.

PDS (Property Development Scheme)

PDS imposes a social component on developers for the benefit of the adjacent communities. It provides for the establishment of high-end facilities and public spaces to foster social interaction and enhancement. Property types include luxury villas, apartments, and penthouses. Villas are limited to 2100 square metres, including common areas.

Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS)

This is a legal framework whereby luxury properties are made available to non-citizens. IRS properties are in large resorts like marinas and golf estates. Mostly along the coast, they offer various luxury freehold properties sold at no less than US$500,000. In this scheme, you and your family members receive a residence permit for however long you own the property. Once you own the property, you may rent it out to others.

Real Estate Scheme (RES)

This scheme enables developers to construct and offer smaller resorts to non-citizens. Such a property grants you a Permanent Residence Permit that is linked to your property if its worth is a minimum of US$ 375,000, just like the PDS.

The Smart City Scheme

The Mauritius Government offers attractive fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to investors to develop smart cities across the island. A foreigner who purchases a residential home over USD 375,000 is eligible for a residence permit for themself and their family. There are no restrictions on resale or rental.


Non-citizens, with or without a residence, permanent residence or occupation permit, may buy more than one apartment or penthouse in a Ground + 2 residence anywhere in the building and may rent it out for the rental return. As of 2021, any buyer who purchases an apartment over USD 375,000 is eligible for a Permanent Residence Permit.

Other business schemes include Invest Hotel Scheme (IHS), Guest House and Commercial or Business development.

An Agency With A Difference

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