Consultation for Expats Who Plan on Moving or Relocating to Mauritius

Picture this: you’re surrounded by vast amounts of exotic plant and animal life on your island property. You can swing on a hammock or go for a swim in the sparkling blue water at almost any time of the year because of the constant, perfect weather. It may sound like a distant dream, but the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius presents a unique opportunity to turn this retirement dream into a reality. However, you’ll need to consult a team of immigration experts who will guide you through the planning and application process to relocating to Mauritius.

It may sound like a mammoth task, but for the moving to Mauritius our team offer immigration services that will make your transition seamless. What does this entail?


Depending on which country you come from, you may need to apply for a work or business visa that allows you to spend up to 120 days in the country per the calendar year. However, if you need to relocate entirely, you’ll need to apply for one permit or more, depending on your circumstances. This may include a Work Permit, an Occupation Permit and a Residential Permit. Dependants under 24 years old can also apply for Residential Permits.

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According to the Economic Development Board (EDB), individuals who are over 50 years old and retired can reside in Mauritius under a Residential Permit. They are however required to have an active local bank account, into which they must deposit an initial amount of at least USD 2,500 or an equivalent. After that, a monthly deposit of the same amount regularly is required, or monthly instalments that add up to a minimum of USD 30,000 per year.


The conditions that apply to anyone who intends to move to Mauritius depends on the nature and duration of the stay. The EDB specifies a range of requirements and provisions as they apply for professionals, investors, self-employed non-citizens and retired non-citizens who are expats from their countries of origin.

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