Move To Mauritius – Tips & Guidelines

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If you’re planning to move to Mauritius, you probably have the first step covered, which is the financial residency requirements. The relocating to Mauritius will also require a lot of planning and arranging. To help you get started, here is a quick guide to what you might need to produce as well as some tips to help make the task a bit easier.

Documents Needed

Depending on the type of residency or work permit you’re applying for, you might need the following documentation:

  • The relevant visa, which you can apply for by completing the required application forms, including reasons for applying to relocate to Mauritius
  • A passport, valid for at least six months before your move to Mauritius
  • Photocopies of the data pages of your passport
  • Recent passport photos of you and any accompanying dependents
  • If you’re relocating your personal property, you need a declaration for all relevant goods being moved
  • If your visa is based on secured employment in Mauritius, you need to show proof of employment and salary in the form of a letter from the employer
  • You will need a work permit or proof of application for work permit where relevant
  • If your residency is based on a sponsor, a letter in this regard needs to be furnished
  • If travelling with a spouse and dependents, proof of relationship (e.g. marriage certificate or children’s birth certificates) needs to be provided. Children over 18 years old need to apply for separate residency permits along with a sponsor letter from their parents
  • When applying for permanent residence, proof of a negative HIV/Aids test is required
  • You need to confirm that all the required vaccinations have been administered, including Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Polio, MMR, DPT and chickenpox

Tips When Executing Your Move To Mauritius

  • Apply for/obtain all required documents as early as possible. Take note of your passport and visa requirements
  • Close all credit accounts (except your credit cards) in your local country as far as possible
  • Terminate any cellphone and data contracts
  • Terminate all other personal contracts and household services, including your alarm & security company. Remember that most contracts require a notice period
  • Cancel all postal subscriptions
  • Sell as much property as possible – only take crucial furniture and property that’s worth the transport cost
  • Shipping of property takes a long time – either send this in advance or make arrangements to live comfortably while awaiting its arrival

Take the stress and guesswork out of your move to Mauritius by contacting Move To Mauritius today. We’ll help make your move as painless as possible.

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