Mauritius Work Visa

Applying For A Visa To Work Or Invest In Mauritius

Mauritius ranks among the most progressive economic players in Africa – making it a hotbed of economic opportunities. There are ample employment prospects and investment opportunities to pursue on the island, across a variety of industries. However, before you can get on with business, you may need to apply for a work or investor visa.

Accurate advice is a crucial aspect of moving countries for work or business. It can make or break the entire project for you as an employee or investor. At Move To Mauritius, we offer consulting and immigration services to foreign nationals so they can comply with the laws and immigration policies of the island.

The Visa Policy In Mauritius

Visa policy varies depending on where in the world applicants come from and what they intend to do in the country. The type of work and planned duration of the stay also plays a role. Mauritian authorities issue visas according to a comprehensive list, which categorises visitors as coming from countries that a.) don’t require a visa to enter, b.) can be granted one on arrival, and c.) are required to apply for a visa from a Mauritian Embassy before undertaking a trip.


Visa applicants are required to have the following documents available:

  • A valid passport
  • A valid return ticket or a ticket to another destination
  • Proof of financial adequacy for the duration of the stay
  • A letter from a local sponsor where applicable
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Why You May Need A Mauritius Work Or Investor Visa

The whole point of work and investor visas is to enable the Mauritian government to protect its economy and ensure compliance with laws that govern economic activity. Even where one isn’t required, you may need to apply for a Work Permit or Occupation Permit. If you’re unsure whether you require one or not, the Mauritian government website offers clarity on the issue. Invest in Mauritius for a brighter future.

Navigating a new country as an immigrant employee or investor can be confusing. Move To Mauritius is committed to making the transition seamless and easy to understand. Contact us and speak to an immigration expert today.

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