Mauritius Offshore Company Formation – Tax & Fiscal Benefits

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With its pro-business approach, tax exemptions and politically stable jurisdiction, Mauritius is an extremely attractive location for offshore companies. It’s rated one of the top African business destinations, and with good reason. Its reputation for supporting economic freedom, ethical business practices, sustainable business growth and transparency has led to it becoming a leading option when it comes to offshore company formation.

The reasons for offshore company formation in Mauritius are its tax and financial benefits. Although the corporation tax rate is 15%, tax credits mean global companies effectively pay only 3%. There’s also no tax on income or profits for international companies. Here are some of the business types that can take advantage of these potential gains:

  • International Businesses: International businesses can incorporate their organisation by having their purchase and sales operations handled by the offshore Mauritian component of the company. Depending on the jurisdiction, there will be little or no tax on profits.
  • Remote Business: Offshore company incorporation in Mauritius allows you to do business in the country and financially benefit, without having to deal with the administrative and procedural hassles that come with a complete business set up.
  • E-Commerce: Online or e-commerce-based companies can reap the financial benefits of doing business in Mauritius by incorporating their existing business model with an offshore component, complete with Mauritian domain names online.
  • Consultancy Or Service-Based Businesses: Consultancies, counsellors and other service-based businesses suited for offshore business can incorporate their companies and generally benefit from zero taxation.
  • Intellectual Property Needs: Offshore companies can serve as custodians of intellectual property rights, including patents and trademarks. Incorporated companies can also trade under the offshore company in terms of buying, selling or leasing intellectual property while benefiting from low or zero taxation.
  • Moveable and Immovable Property: Both moveable and immovable property can be held under the offshore company, depending on the business’s country of origin. For those who do qualify, such property may be completely exempt from certain types of applicable taxes.


Offshore company incorporation requires a professional set up to gain the most out of the potential tax and monetary benefits. Using specialist Mauritius offshore company incorporation service is highly recommended to ensure that all processes and procedures are done correctly, and all necessary legal and business requirements are met.

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