Management Company in Mauritius

Mauritius is indeed an internationally recognized financial center with high-quality economic service. It adopted the Financial Services Act (FSA) in 2007 to simplify the regulatory regime. Of course, it helps to consolidate the legislative framework of the Mauritian business sector from global perspectives.

And the regulations also imply the formation of Management Companies (MCs). It’s one service providing organization to act as an intermediate medium between client & FSC. The establishment manages to employ nominee & other relevant services.

Management Company Licensing

MC has to perform Customer Due Diligence (CDD) appropriately. In the meantime, every organization remains under the obligation of collecting & verifying client information.

Specified Obligations of Any Management Company

Managing the information basically covers the whole account. But there are certain subsectors involved to the offered service. It has to include –

  • Business conformity with stipulated conditions.
  • Actions with norms of conduct under Mauritian law.
  • Interconnected records to reflect business interests.
  • Separated set of accounts for individual companies.
  • Distinctive management of funds, assets & properties.

Services to Receive from Management Company

Despite being an intermediate communication medium, one MC has to perform a certain set of tasks. The offerings remain somehow interconnected to each other.

  • Business company & other trusts formation.
  • Proper establishment of administration.
  • Convenient trusteeship services.
  • Providing director, secretary & shareholders.
  • Registering agents & office under license.
  • Preparing incorporation/application docs.
  • Post-statuary compliance with taxation laws.
  • Comprehensive fund administration services.

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