Investment Advisory Services

Financial Service Commission (FSC) sets the regulation for non-banking financial services in Mauritius. Financial Services Act of 2007 manages to simplify all the terms to help with the growth of such services. But the Securities Act of 2005 came with the basic establishment terms of advisory service companies. As it happens, the Act allows license, regulate, supervise & monitor of Investment Advisory Services.

Considering the Securities Act, there are 2 specified types of advisory services –

  • Unrestricted License
  • Restricted License

Investment Advisor – Unrestricted License

The system gets the authorization of managing a portfolio of securities. Also, the company advises on security transactions through legal means. But everything goes according to the regulations of a well-defined mandate.

Investment Advisor – Restricted License

The system keeps its focus on security transactions from time to time. Of course, the advice maintains legality from every aspect. It’s to includes printed materials or other acceptable means.

Extent of Investment Advisory

For either type mentioned right above, there are certain activities to accomplish. Obviously, individual ones involve several other actions to cope with the situation. But the primary ones have to include –

  • Financial Statement Filing: It concerns with filing the audited statements within 6 months of the financial year-end.
  • Staff Qualification: Relevant experience with certain qualifications is a must for all the conducted employees.
  • Least Capital Requirement: The company has to come with certain capital ahead of starting the business. Advisory Services comes with a team of experts meeting all the relevant requirements of Securities Act of 2005. And the advisory services include the followings to help with the investment –

  • Advice on the formation/establishment of advisers.
  • Application as well as renewal of company license.
  • Conducting directors & qualified secretary residents.
  • Preparing, filing & submitting business statements.

Take a look at the detailed services of prior to making investment in Mauritius.

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