Get a Work Permit & Residence Permit Mauritius

Mauritius is one popular destination in the whole of Africa for several reasons. And if you’re to move to Mauritius, you’ll have to get its Visa & Permit regulations.

Foreign individuals looking for work in Mauritius needs to get a work/occupation permit. But its processing is likely to take some time. Your employer can also apply for the permits on behalf.

Residence Permit (RP)

You’ll have to apply for a residence permit to the Passport & Immigration Office. Meanwhile, your application for work/occupation permit gets processed by the Ministry of Labor, Industrial Relations & Employment.

After 3 years of residing on the island, non-citizens can apply for a permanent residence permit. Though it may sound infinite eligibility, the permit remains valid for 10 years. Of course, you can renew the permit following the submission of the necessary documents.

Occupation Permit (OP)

Occupation Permit is the combination of a work permit & residence permit. There are 3 particular categories available for the non-citizens to get the approval. There are numerous conditions involved within each of the major categories –

  • Investor

It requires an initial transfer or investment of $50000 or equivalent. There are two specified classes for investors defined under the Companies Act of 2001.

Investors for Innovative/Special Start-Ups

Investors in High-Tech Equipment & Machinery

  • Professional

Any immigrant professional should have a monthly basic salary of MUR 60000 at least. But ICT along with some other sectors call it for MUR 30000 per month.

  • Self-Employed

A self-employed person has to engage in professional services for certain sectors only. The initial transfer amount has to exceed $35000 or equivalent currency.

Retired Non-Citizen

Foreign individuals aged 50+ years, still to retire fall under the category. The non-citizen requires to make an initial transfer of $1500, following the deposition of $1500/month or $18000/per year.

Dependants of OP/RP Holder

Dependants of Occupation/Residence Permit holders can apply for a resident permit. It includes spouses, children, parents, grandchildren & legally adopted children.

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