Fund Administration in Mauritius

The fiscal commission of Mauritius satisfies the objectives through central & substantial administration. And the fund has to come with an administrator, an auditor & a custodian. All three must arrive locally in identification.

Primary Administration Requirement

Central administration requirements call for the following implications –

  1. Available accounts & documents.
  2. Bank account maintenance for investment.
  3. Calculating net asset value (NAV).
  4. Shared registers.
  5. Issues & redemptions of shares.
  6. Two residential directors with a qualified secretary.

Everything must lie within Mauritius to get the approval. It requires lots of understanding for sure, but there come several companies to help with the problems.

Required Services Regarding Fund Administration

The term may look simple from the outside, but it covers a vast financial area. The objectives of fund administration have to include –

  • Basic fund structuring with the administration set up scopes.
  • Reviewing prepared documents prior to fund launching.
  • Opening of financial accounts with bank/broker/custodian.
  • Fast & legal processing of capital calls ahead of distribution.
  • Regulator/Authority liaising for fund license & registration.
  • Proper handling of all sorts of investments/divestment.
  • Expense cap monitoring with corporate governance advice.

There are immense numbers of subsections involved in individual scope. It’s not exactly independent of the Mauritian regulations. The extent of administrative actions greatly depends on the client’s specified objectives, future plans & other political/economic/social issues.

You better get to get support from experienced experts in each sector.

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