Formation of Mauritius Company

Mauritius has convenient opportunities for a low-cost business company. In fact, the owner is to enjoy 0% taxation, zero paid-up capital requirement along with no auditing. It’s no surprise to see Mauritius achieving the 1st position in the African economy for years.

There are lots of sectors to consider to start your business. But taking the current circumstances, Mauritius remains ideal for certain business sectors. It includes – Real Estate Custody, Holding Property Rights, e-Commerce, Expatriates, Counsellors/Consultants, Inheritance Purposes & Trades.

Mauritius Company Category

A tax-efficient entity allows foreigners to establish a company towards certain objectives. There are three main types to support your intended business in Mauritius. The incorporation takes place under the Companies Act 2001.

  • Local Domestic Company (LDC): It’s particularly for taxation purposes, available for local residents. LDC calls for a 15% corporate tax. Though the setup cost seems somewhat lower.
  • Forming GBC1 Company (GBC1): The license for residents comes from its Financial Service Commission. It allows access to taxation avoidance over Tax Residence Certificate by revenue board.
  • Forming GBC2 Company (GBC2): It falls under Category 2 of the Global Business License. The company is indeed the ultimate means to carry on international business from or in Mauritius.

There are additional options to conduct financial entities in Mauritius. As it happens, the accounted flexibility remains pretty good in terms of business affairs.

You can go for Limited Partnership (LP) to include company & partnership features. It triggers somewhat vehicular flexibility, ideal for investment purposes. Meanwhile, you can call for Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) to include the same features. But the service offers advisory or consultancy regarding your administrative matters.

Corporate Taxation System

Taxation treaties have been signed to several countries to serve corporate interests. Any well-established company can reduce the tax down to 3.0% or so. GBC1 can access to 30 available treaties to keep it low. One notable sector concerns with an offshore entity, requiring no inheritance tax or estate duty.


You can consult experts to learn all the in-depth facts to understand further essentials.

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