Administration & Registered Office Services

Evolvement in the corporate regulatory landscape requires your business to stay up-to-date. The emergence of new financial technology calls for better attention to the details. And you’re to require some specialists to understand the platforms to utilize the opportunities.

It particularly includes administrative competence in the market. Not to mention, ongoing maintenance is one essential fact to carry on any incorporated business. As for Mauritius, you better check out the assistance services to handle the underlying complexity.

Coming to the administration, you can consider two distinctive options. It’ll ease the points to adapt ahead of making a plan.

Administration Services

Every corporate work includes a great extent of administrative work. It’s important to attend the proper maintenance to hold the growth. The basic full-time administration services include –

  • Organizing board meeting.
  • Drafting minutes of meeting.
  • Purchasing necessary assets.
  • Making insurance policy.
  • Opening bank accounts.
  • Operating transactions.
  • Handling cash transfers.
  • Initiating letters of credit.
  • Trading documentation.
  • Overall income collection.
  • Royalty administration.

Individual sectors seem to cover a wider range of services, concerning with administration.

Secretarial Services

Companies holding a Global Business License (GBC) must appoint a secretary. Though the domestic companies are totally free to make the choice. The included services come with –

  • Provision of registered office.
  • Appointing registered agents.
  • Getting local/non-resident directors.
  • Offering nominee shareholders.
  • Maintaining statuary of records.
  • Filing of overall returns.
  • Payroll & outsourcing services.
  • Customized office package.

You can definitely utilize the services to handle the financial complexity with lesser hassle.

Take a grave look at the detailed service offerings of to meet all your administrative requirements.

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