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Move To Mauritius was formed as a solution to the mammoth-sized headache that comes with moving to a new country. Moving cities alone can be stressful. It can take months, or even years for the dust to settle. When you scale this up a couple of notches, the stakes are much higher. As the world progresses, it’s becoming more common for people to emigrate to different countries and continents every day. We provide an expert service that helps make a move to Mauritius easier than ever before.

Seasoned & Organised Professionals In International Immigration

Our team of consultants is highly trained in the field and carries decades of collective experience. We’re equipped to help clients to plan strategically and execute their moves without any glitches to avert any problems before they even show up.

Our Five-Step Process That Enables A Seamless Move To Mauritius

At Move To Mauritius, we’ve developed a tried and tested process that offers consistent results for our clients. With us on your side, you’ll experience the following steps:

Step 1: Speak To A Consultant About Your Needs & Expectations

The moment you make contact with one of our adept immigration consultants, the process begins. We’ll answer any questions you may have and fill in the knowledge gaps to get you up to speed with what you need to do.

Step 2: Receive & Read Through The Relevant Information About Mauritius Immigration

We’ll give you documents explaining the process in detail. This gives you time to ask any further questions you may have for clarity.

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Step 3: Develop A Tailored Plan For Your Specific Requirements

Once all parties are clear on what’s expected, we’ll formulate an immigration plan that’s suited to your unique needs. This step involves collecting important documents and information required to get the ball rolling.

Step 4: Complete All Administrative, Bureaucratic & Logistical Tasks

This step is where we execute what was discussed in the consultation, and planning stages include everything from applying for Visas to facilitating the purchase of property to live on.

Step 5: Welcome To Your New Home!

Once the previous steps are completed, you’ll be all set to move to Mauritius.

You see? It’s not as stressful as you thought. You don’t have to wade through mountains of paperwork or complicated legal documents on your own. Move To Mauritius has you covered so call us today.

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