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by Lucy Leheilleix

Cost of living in Mauritius

Here is a great video on the cost of living in Mauritius (for other subtitles please chose your language on the player).

The video is broken up into:
0:00 Intro
0:29 Average salary
0:36 Tax rate
0:43 Housing
1:39 List of banks
1:52 Utilities
2:37 Internet & mobile phones
3:03 Cable TV
3:18 Transportation
4:37 Health
5:34 Education
6:49 Food
7:47 Clothing and other
8:22 Outro

There are many reasons why people choose to move to Mauritius. Here are just a few of them:


For investors, the agriculture, film, and tourism sectors in Mauritius are booming. There are also many other job opportunities where one can live and work in a relaxed and safe environment.


Mauritius’ temperatures range from mild to warm throughout the year – so you can enjoy beach visits and the outdoors from January to December.


Nothing beats owning gorgeous property on one of the world’s most beautiful islands. The picturesque landscapes, unique wildlife, and spacious surrounds are more than enough reason to ditch the hustle and bustle of congested city life.

Easy to relocate to

No matter what your reason for moving to Mauritius is, our range of services promise to make your transition as seamless and organised as possible. There’s no need to navigate the processes all on your own, as we know what you need to do and how you can best do it. The Move To Mauritius team offers the following services:

  • Applying For Permits To Work Or Stay In Mauritius
  • Applying For A Visa To Work Or Invest In Mauritius
  • Applying For Permanent Residence & Buying Property In Mauritius
  • Consultation For Expats Who Plan On Moving To Or Retiring In Mauritius

With Move To Mauritius on your side, you can have all your immigration needs taken care of by professionals. Trust us to make the experience a pleasant one by booking a consultation or Contact us today for Mauritius offshore company formation.

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